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Wahren, Reinhard (2019) Baukünstler und Ingenieur Eine Berliner Freundschaft: Karl Friedrich Schinkel und Christian Peter Wilhelm Beuth

Zwischen Karl Friedrich Schinkel, dem genialen Baumeister und universellen Künstler, und Peter Christian Wilhelm Beuth, dem 'Vater der Ingenieure' bestand eine außergewöhnliche Freundschaft. Nach ihrer Begegnung in Berlin waren sie lebenslang miteinander verbunden ? beruflich und privat. Ihre Freundschaft war für beide nicht nur inspirierend, sondern auch überaus förderlich. Schließlich avancierten sie zu wichtigen preußischen Staatsbeamten im ersten Drittel des 19. Jahrhunderts, ohne die die Architektur besonders in Berlin undenkbar ist und Preußen den Anschluss an das Industriezeitalter verpasst hätte. Mit den wichtigsten Bauten, Aufenthaltsorten und Wirkungsstätten.

Pelkonen, Eeva-Liisa (2018) Exhibit A Architecture Exhibitions that Made History

The first book to explore the world's most significant architectural exhibitions of the 20th century

(2018) Living on Water Contemporary Houses Framed By Water

A sumptuous survey of houses built with a strong connection to the oceans, lakes, rivers, and pools around them

McCarter, Robert (2018) Grafton Architects

A timely overview of the pioneering work of the acclaimed Irish architectural practice

Serraino, Pierluigi; Bills, Emily; Lubell, Sam (2018) California Captured Mid-Century Modern Architecture, Marvin Rand

The style and mythology of Mid-Century Modern California architecture as seen through the expert lens of Marvin Rand

(2018) Am Wasser leben Zeitgenössische Häuser

Sechzig atemberaubende Werke zeitgenössischer Architektur, die alle eine besondere Beziehung zu Wasser haben

David, Joshua; Rothmann, Julia (2018) Brick Who Found Herself in Architecture

A young brick goes on a journey to find her place in the world by visiting ten celebrated brick structures around the globe

Lubell, Sam (2018) Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide East Coast USA

A must-have guide to one of the most fertile regions for the development of Mid-Century Modern architecture. This handbook - the first ever to focus on the architectural wonders of the West Coast of the USA - provides visitors with an expertly curated list of 250 must-see destinations. Discover the most celebrated Modernist buildings, as well as hidden gems and virtually unknown examples - from the iconic Case Study houses to the glamour of Palm Springs' spectacular Modern desert structures. Much more than a travel guide, this book is a compelling record of one of the USA's most important architectural movements at a time when Mid-Century style has never been more popular. First-hand descriptions and colour photography transport readers into an era of unparalleled style, glamour, and optimism.

Wainwright, Tom (2018) Pet-tecture: Design for Pets

The perfect book for design-conscious pet owners and animal lovers alike, Pet-tecture presents an irresistible assortment of hundreds of houses and objects by the world?s leading designers, created with our furred and feathered friends in mind ? from cats and dogs to birds, rabbits, horses, fish, mice, guinea pigs ? even kangaroos and turtles! Whether it?s playful cat trees, concrete dog homes, luxury chicken coops, 3D-printed fish tanks, or a dog-shaped cat scratcher, Pet-tecture has the incredible range of design for animals covered.

Burdett, Ricky (2018) Shaping Cities in an Urban Age

An authoritative - and fascinating - investigation into the spatial and social dynamics of cities at a global scale Shaping Cities in an Urban Age is the third and final addition to Phaidon's hugely successful Urban Age series, published in collaboration with the London School of Economics (LSE). Generously illustrated with photographs, visual data, and statistics, and featuring a series of essays written by leading people in their fields, Shaping Cities in an Urban Age addresses our most urgent contemporary and future urban issues by examining a set of key forces that have combined to create the city as we know it today. From the publisher of The Endless City and Living in the Endless City. Bis 2050 werden 2,5 Milliarden mehr Menschen in den Städten leben. Eine Zukunft, die wir schon heute mitgestalten können, denn fast 20 % der Infrastruktur muss noch gebaut werden. 'Shaping Cities in an Urban Age' bietet dank der 275 Bilder, einschließlich der Visualisierung von Vergleichsdaten und Statistiken, und durch die 37 Essays führender Politiker oder Wissenschaftler neue Perspektiven für den städtischen Wandel.

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